Parenting Workbook (Exclusive) (Zoom Class 9/15/21-10/20/21)



This parenting book will educate, guide and give you practical exercises to teach your children and yourself about Truth and true, optional and inevitable pain, drama, control, boundaries and ways to recognize and reframe your children’s distortion back into Truth. All people need connection and connection is based on three core principles:

  1. Impeccable Honesty
  2. Rigorous Personal Responsibility
  3. Vulnerable Humility

When parents and children use choice to be honest, responsible and humble for their own thoughts, feelings and actions, they will create the outcomes of connection/Truth. As children continue to choose to be responsible for their own perceptions, feelings and actions they will have sustained peace and feelings of self-confidence, worth, esteem and connection. If you’d like to teach your children how to connect and have these beautiful outcomes . . . then this is the course and book you’ve been waiting for. ENJOY!!

The Long Lost Guide to Children

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