Drama involves three characters: the victim, the controller, and the persecutor. In movies, we casually refer to these as the victim, the hero or rescuer, and the villain or antagonist. However, drama is not an innocuous dynamic. Drama betrays trust, exploits relationships, sabotages safety, continues contention, uses other people, endorses domestic violence, enables manipulation, permits control, removes us from Reality, perverts our perceptions, stimulates selfishness, promulgates lies, fosters hiding, advocates dishonesty, desecrates love, impairs empathy, invites us to feel victimized, justifies retaliation, and exterminates connection. Drama is a cloak for our distortions—a “stage” to “act out” our un-dealt with traumas, fears, false beliefs and distorted thoughts. Drama is me being completely irresponsible for myself, and calling it “connection” and “love.”

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