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  • NameRelationship 
  • I give Connections Classroom permission to call my family doctor/therapist/EAP as necessary
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  • I,
  • * agree to the following arrangement with Connexions Classroom.
  • I will pay my tuition of
  • * (plus 3% processing fee when paying by
  • card or no processing fees when paying by Venmo) per week one month in advance in
    ..........order to secure my place in the team meetings.
  • I commit to attend the team meetings for a minimum of three (3) months continuously. I will pay for my first 3 months of team tuition up-front before attending.
  • My payment will be charged to a credit card I provide prior to my first team meeting every month.
  • I understand that, like tuition, I am expected to pay for all team meetings and processing fees whether or not I am present. Extenuating circumstances will be considered on an individual basis, according to the urgency of the circumstances.
  • I will pay for all processing fees, collections fees or attorney fees incurred should the need arise to send my account to a third party for collection.
  • I give my permission to share/release my personal contact information (phone, email, etc.) with members of the ConneXions' group.
  • I understand I may not discuss any team issue with any other party, including family members or partners.
  • I understand I must be consistently present at my team meeting, that I must not break into subgroups (i.e. dating other members, or meeting with other members outside of the team), and should not be chronically late.
  • I understand two consecutive unexcused absences, without prior discussion with the Team Trainer, will result in expulsion from the team. I realize I may reapply to the same team if I am willing to commit to function as part of the team.
  • Team Meetings will be rescheduled if they fall on Christmas and I will plan on attending at the designated time.
  • I understand the law may require my Trainer to notify authorities if I reveal I am abusing children or have express intent to harm myself or other people.
  • I understand that if I share information, outside of the team meeting, about an individual within my team, that individual may have grounds to bring legal action against me. I agree to hold information I received from team members confidential and I will not share any information with anyone who is outside of my team.
  • Upon initialing this box, I give permission for my statement and any other correspondence from the Connexions Trainers to be received through email, fax, texting, and any other form of electronic communication.
  • Upon initialing and signing this form below, I am releasing confidentiality to the person I have indicated below. I am requesting that my statement and any correspondence connected to paying for this bill incurred, will be communicated with them to the extent of the bill being paid.
  • Name of third party for paying bill:
  • *
  • I agree to have no sexual contact with other team members. Exceptions apply only to those whose legal spouses are also participating in other team meetings. I understand if I violate this condition, I will be required to discontinue participation in team meetings.
  • I commit to abstinence from all addictions.
  • I understand Team Training is intense and uncomfortable. I commit to being responsible for my own emotions. I hold the team members and Trainers harmless for any discomfort in the team meetings.

  • Training Completion:

    Connexions Classroom’s trainers, utilize proprietary methods, approaches, and techniques that have developed and honed over many years. Because of this, the training sessions that you will participate in offer cutting edge techniques that are confidential, proprietary and owned exclusively by Connexions Classroom. By undertaking training with Connexions Classroom, you agree that you will not in any way (a) attempt to replicate, encourage or support training sessions using the information, techniques, or methods used by Connexions Classroom with any persons; (b) replicate any of the materials, methods, or approaches in which you participate for any purpose (whether for free or for compensation); and (c) otherwise utilize any of the techniques or methods to train any third persons without written permission from Connexions Classroom. You agree that if you violate this portion of this agreement, it will lead to irreparable injury to Connexions Classroom and therefore injunctive relief is warranted and appropriate and you waive any defense that there is a legal remedy available to Connexions Classroom in place of this injunctive equitable relief. You further agree that said injunctive relief may be sought exclusively in the Fifth District Court in and for Washington County, State of Utah and that Connexions Classroom shall be entitled to all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in pursuing such injunctive relief.

    Your signature below indicates that you have read the information in this document (“Training Agreement and Informed Consent”) and any attachments, such as the Training Fee Plan, and agree to abide by its terms during and after our professional Training relationship.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • ConneXions Trainers Teleconferencing Software Informed Consent

  • Having been fully informed of the risks listed below, I
  • *
  • hereby give my informed consent to use Skype and/or other teleconferencing software to facilitate training sessions with Jodi Hildebrandt and/or any other trainer of ConneXions Classroom. Having been informed of the risks of using such software, I, in my sole discretion, request that my ConneXions Trainer utilize such software to facilitate my training sessions.
  • Risks include but are not limited to:

    1. With the use of any teleconferencing software, there is inherent risk of eavesdropping and/or accidental information disclosure. Although ConneXions Trainers do all within our power to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of our clients, nobody can eliminate all risks of electronic information disclosure through the use of teleconferencing software.
    2. The use of teleconferencing software requires trust and good faith in the professionalism, trustworthiness, and cybersecurity expertise of multiple outside parties, including, but not limited to, the manufacturers of all utilized computer hardware, operating systems and software (including the teleconferencing software). All of these parties are outside the control of ConneXions Classroom.
    3. The use of teleconferencing software necessitates the use of your (the client's) computer hardware and software. Such hardware and software are your responsibility to maintain and are entirely out of the control of ConneXions Classroom. In no case will ConneXions Classroom or any ConneXions Trainer be held liable for information disclosure or breaches of confidentiality arising from cybersecurity breaches of your computer equipment, or from negligence, misuse or misconduct involving you or your computer hardware or software, whether caused by you or by others.
    4. All Internet-connected technologies present the risks inherent in connecting to the global, publicly-accessible Internet. Software systems of all varieties have been compromised by hackers and other unauthorized agents. Even systems owned by highly-responsible parties such as banks, governments, and militaries—and operated following the most rigorous and complete security practices—have been compromised by bad actors, causing unauthorized access and/or information disclosure. The use of any Internet-connected technology presents such risks.
    5. Privacy, confidentiality and cybersecurity are shared responsibilities. Security breaches (such as password leaks) in other websites or Internet services may impact the security and privacy of your teleconferencing experience. Unauthorized access to your computer may likewise impact the privacy, confidentiality and security of other clients of ConneXions Classroom, who also request to use teleconferencing software. Due to the nature of cybersecurity, your confidentiality can be breached if other users of the teleconferencing system experience a cybersecurity breach or through negligence allow unauthorized access to their teleconferencing software. ConneXions Classroom and your ConneXions Trainer will in no case be held liable for the actions of you or other clients, and if you request to utilize teleconferencing software, you do so having been fully informed of such risks. ConneXions Trainers expect and encourage all people to be responsible for the risks they choose to take.

    I understand that my relationship with ConneXions Classroom and any of its agents DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A THERAPEUTIC RELATIONSHIP. I have chosen to participate in training with ConneXions Classroom. I understand that the training relationship is different from a psychotherapeutic or counseling relationship. The psychotherapeutic relationship places the professional in a position of legal authority and power over the patient. On the other hand, the training relationship seeks to eliminate this power differential, and places total power and responsibility for decisions and outcomes in the hands of the client. Responsibilities (such as confidentiality) that would rest solely on the therapist in a psychotherapeutic relationship are instead shared responsibilities in a training relationship. As a training client, therefore, I understand and agree to take on an added level of trust to maintain the confidentiality of myself and any other clients who may be involved in any teleconferences in which I participate. I understand that my actions do and will affect others, and it is my responsibility to educate myself on responsible use of teleconferencing software and Internet-connected technologies generally, in order to protect myself and others during and after this Internet-mediated training experience.

    I agree to indemnify and hold harmless ConneXions Classroom and all of its agents in the event of any information disclosure or breach of confidentiality arising from the use of teleconferencing software, including but not limited to cybersecurity breaches, hacking attacks, and other types of unwarranted information access. I agree to be responsible for my choice to conduct meetings with ConneXions Trainers via teleconferencing software, and I accept all risks associated therewith, whether known or unknown at the time of signing this document. I accept that there are no guarantees in life, and I agree to use prudence, awareness and good sense and conduct myself wisely and responsibly in my use of teleconferencing software, in order to protect my confidentiality and the confidentiality of any and all others who may also choose to teleconference with ConneXions Classroom.

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  • Connexions Training


  • I,
  • * whose birthdate is
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • *
  • hereby authorize Connexions Training Staff to:

  • It is requested that the following specific information be provided:


  • In consideration of this consent, I hereby release Jodi Hildebrandt, Connexions
    Training and Connexions Classroom LLC. and it’s staff from any and all liability arising therefrom.

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